Thursday, November 12, 2009

:: Airbag danger to children

Pagi nih, sebab smpi awal kt opis, so singgah 7e beli breakfast, then grab a copy of The, sementara tggu pintu opis dibuka, so aku lepak jap baca The Sun..

cam dh lame xbaca surat khabar berkertas..hahaha..lately, asyik baca online jer..tu pun klik segmen hiburan dulu..

So, ari ni cam nk share satu artikel pendek yg dipetik dr The Sun bertarikh 12 Nov 2009 ni..

Airbag danger to children

Children can only be safely seated in the front of a car if the airbag is deactivated, recent tests by Germany's automobile association yielded.

If the children is fastened to a baby seat and is facing the windscreen, the airbag should always be deactivated. For bigger children, the distance to the airbag should not be too close.

The crash test revealed that a child is relatively safe in a baby seat even at a speeed of up to 64kph if the airbag is deactivated. However if the airbag is activated, the child could sustain serious head and neck injuries from the velocity of the airbag releases, even at relatively low speeds, the association warns.

Parents should consult the car handbook to see whether children can be transported in the passenger seat. In the most cars, the airbag can be deactivated at the switch of a button. -dpa

kph = Kilometres per hour(km/h) – a physical unit of speed or velocity

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