Tuesday, October 21, 2008

:: Buang keyboard, buang mouse,buang USB, buang bluetooth..guner jer jari jemari tuh..

Today’s computers allow you to have multiple applications in multiple windows. But they may have only one keyboard and one mouse. And only one person can operate at a time. If you want to watch photo album on your computer along with three or four of your friends, just imagine every one trying to see them. Microsoft Surface allows people to sit across in different positions and watch the images. Spread the photos across the Microsoft Surface and any one can pull photos towards them like you pull physical photos, with fingers. Turn them as you like. You can zoom in or zoom out just by pulling the opposite corners of the image with your hands. Can you wait to experience Microsoft Surface? You can even play multiple videos on the surface just by tapping the video file with your finger, like we do now with a mouse!

In future, you can experience Microsoft Surface even with your digital camera. You take pictures on your digital camera. There will be no need to connect the USB cable or upload through Bluetooth or wireless. Just place the digital camera on the Microsoft Surface and watch the images on the surface. We bet you are eager to experience Microsoft Experience.


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