Friday, October 24, 2008

:: Typing master??..kalu master, korang try gune kibod nih..

100% Blank Key

The original blank keyboard

Where is the letters? Das keyboard believe with no keys to look at when typing, your brain will adapt and memorize the key position thus increasing typing speed.

“I view the Das Keyboard Professional like a pair of expensive jeans that look like any other pair of jeans, but you wear them everyday because they fit you perfectly.„

Sean Fallon - Gizmodo

“A keyboard with no inscriptions on the keys was obviously only for a certain type of geek, not just normal ones, only those who are above the pack: the ├╝bergeeks.„

Andrew Zipern - New York Times

“The human mind has an incredible ability to adapt and that's the big idea behind the Das Keyboard and its complete lack of key markings.„

Gizmag - Anonymous.

“For bloggers who have not mastered touch typing, now's the time to do it„

Colber Low - The Gadget Blog.

“Elite computer programmers searching for a cool way to differentiate themselves from mere mortals need look no further.„

Melinda Hart - Metadot Corporation

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